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    BMW Eyes the Infant Demographic

    Our favorite Bavarian company felt that children were getting involved with the brand too late. Perhaps it wasn't until their upcoming Sweet Sixteen that they started considering with luxury model they might think of asking their parents for.

    Well, the Germans have always been known for their ingenuity, which is why they developed a brand new model. This one doesn't come on four wheels, though, but it definitely has that throaty engine sound we know and love.

    The BMW ZZZ Series Cot is the Ultimate Sleeping Machine and perfect for getting your baby used to the unique sounds…

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    The new BMW M5 is Unchained

    It's almost like a scene from Jurassic Park. The all-new 2014 BMW M5 that we have here at our Norwell, MA dealership is certainly a powerful car that shouldn't be confined to tight spaces. Watch it break free in this clever commercial from BMW.

    We think the M5 looks a lot better when it's out on the open road, giving you the incredible power you've come to expect from that model…

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    Video: 2015 Version of the BMW M 235i Debut at Detroit

    Huge news sometimes comes in a small package, and with the unveiling of the all-new 2015 BMW M 235i model, set to join the 2014 BMW new model lineup available here at our Norwell, MA dealership later this year, that is exactly the case. The model is incredibly sporty, almost diminutive in stature compared to many larger BMW models, which translates into insanely high levels of responsive performance when behind the wheel of this model…

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    Learn more about the BMW CPO Program at BMW of Norwell

    If you're not ready to commit to a new BMW, but you're hesitant to buy used, too, then we at BMW of Norwell have a great option for you: a CPO

    In case you're not familiar with what the acronym stands for, CPO means Certified Pre-Owned. But, what it really means is that any CPO-badged vehicle is essentially a tier over other used cars, even those of the luxury variety.

    And a…

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    You Won't Regret the BMW 3 Series

    We here at our Norwell, MA dealership know that buying a new car - hopefully we're all talking about a new BMW model - is a stressful and sometimes scary process. What if your new model turns out to not be exactly what you were hoping for? Well as this funny and clever ad from BMW shows, going after a new 3 Series model like the 2014 320i is one decision you won't regret.


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    BMW Making a Big Change to the X1 in 2016

    Though only introduced in the United States last year, the BMW X1 has been a commercial success worldwide since its 2010 model year release. The BMW X1 continues to impress drivers here in Norwell, MA, but rumor has it that a new model is already in development with a planned release for the 2016 model year.

    Like with any redesign, every aspect of the current model's design is eligible to be enhanced in some…

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    BMW Shows Off ActiveAssist at CES

    Autonomous driving has come a long way, and in 2014, we expect the rapid innovation of the technology to evolve and improve, getting to the point where we can confidently see it on multiple BMW models, and across all auto brands. Of course, BMW has its own unique system, and they recently brought it to the Consumer Electronics Show, known as CES, and let event-goers got a preview of the self-driving system up close.

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    BMW Test Drives Generates Donations to Team USA

    It doesn't take much to get revved up for the 2014 Winter Olympic and Paralympic games. They're exciting to watch, and hearing an athlete's story is captivating, no matter what country they represent.

    So you've got a set up planned for how to watch the Olympics, but have you thought about other ways you could support your team? BMW, a partner of the Olympic and Paralymic teams, has a way.


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    Video Details Design and Style of i8

    Here at BMW Gallery of Norwell we have been closely following the development and impending release of our brands next-generation plug-in hybrid sportscar.  With the new model year quickly approaching our brand has been teasing this model further through a series of videos.

    Below is a detailed look at the design of the 2014 BMW i8, showing off the style that has captivated the world.

    We simply cannot wait to see the smooth and sleek...

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    Demand for BMW i3 and i8 Already Outpacing Production

    The large Los Angeles Auto Show that took place at the end of last month, welcomed the arrival of the all-new BMW i3 and i8 models to the United States. After making their official debut to American audiences, it was announced that these two new green models have already seen some incredible demand before even going on sale.

    For the new i8 plug-in hybrid sports coupe, initial orders have already overlapped the predicted production volume...

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