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    BMW Invites you to Share your Story on Social Media

    There are millions of BMW drivers: that is a fact. There are even many just in say, Newton, MA, for example. But, that doesn't mean that each and every one isn't special in his or her own way.

    This is the concept of a new social media campaign launched by the automaker which is depicted perfectly, in this video:

    As you can see, the overall concept is that BMW wants to hear from…

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    New BMW X4 Premieres on YouTube

    One of the great things about BMW's cyber presence is its official YouTube channel. We at BMW Gallery of Norwell love to venture over that way whenever we're looking for new model updates and fun-to-watch videos.

    One of the latest we've come across is this video about the all-new BMW X4 which the automaker points out is actually a sneak peek, premiere.

    Here, have a look:

    Overall, BMW strives to adapt to…

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    Take a Look at the All-New BMW X6, in its Launch Film

    When drivers in the greater Boston, MA area are looking for a luxury unsurpassed by others, then BMW Gallery of Norwell is where they head.

    Yes, here at BMW Gallery of Norwell not only do we stock an expansive array of new BMW models for greater Boston area drivers, but we also provide a customer service experience we pride ourselves on being second to none.

    Looking for a model suggestion?

    Though not yet available, we…

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    First BMW i8 Models Make their Way to Customers in Germany

    If you're a frequent visitor to our Norwell, MA dealership, or if you follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, you may have learned that recently, we at BMW Gallery of Norwell held an event where lucky greater Boston participants were able to drive the BMW i3 EV: BMW's first all-electric vehicle, to date.

    Well, today our focus will shift another BMW i model, the only other in the family, thus far: the…

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    BMW Lets us in on its Secrets

    If you asked those of us here at BMW of Norwell to pick one thing we loved most about new BMW models, we honestly don?t' know if we could.

    However, definitely up there is the care and expertise that goes into the design and engineering of each and every BMW model from its construction to the way it's optimized for dynamics and efficiency.

    Speaking of the latter, BMW recently published a video on…

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    BMW i8 Stars in Well-Known Director's New Ad

    Have you ever heard of director Gus Van Sant, reader?

    Chances are, that even if you haven't, you've seen some of his very well-known films one of which includes the Matt Damon and Ben Affleck classic, Good Will Hunting.

    Well, just like Damon and Affleck Mr. Van Sant serves to boost someone else's stardom pretty soon. To whom are we at BMW Gallery of Norwell referring? Well, actually, that would be the…

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    Share Your Story, with BMW

    BMW, though technically an automaker, is much more than that.

    Yes, BMW is comprised of many men and women both employees and customers who are a part of the brand and at the core of its identity.

    And to this point, BMW is calling to action to its many fans to share their own stories and personal connections with its brand. The following video describes the initiative, well, so please feel free to take a…

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    Respecting the new BMW X5

    If you're lucky enough to drive the new 2014 BMW X5, you know all about the luxury and performance you'll find, as well as the added sense of respect you might get. Other drivers and people all around will know you're not messing around in this new SUV, so come check it out here at our Norwell, MA dealership. Before you do that, check out this commercial.

    Now, let's be clear?

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    BMW Eyes the Infant Demographic

    Our favorite Bavarian company felt that children were getting involved with the brand too late. Perhaps it wasn't until their upcoming Sweet Sixteen that they started considering with luxury model they might think of asking their parents for.

    Well, the Germans have always been known for their ingenuity, which is why they developed a brand new model. This one doesn't come on four wheels, though, but it definitely has that throaty engine sound we know and love.

    The BMW ZZZ Series Cot is the Ultimate Sleeping Machine and perfect for getting your baby used to the unique sounds…

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    The new BMW M5 is Unchained

    It's almost like a scene from Jurassic Park. The all-new 2014 BMW M5 that we have here at our Norwell, MA dealership is certainly a powerful car that shouldn't be confined to tight spaces. Watch it break free in this clever commercial from BMW.

    We think the M5 looks a lot better when it's out on the open road, giving you the incredible power you've come to expect from that model…

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