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    Why Genuine BMW Parts and Accessories Matter

    At BMW Gallery of Norwell we have great service and parts center teams that will work closely with you over the years that you own  your BMW to make sure it stays running like the day you bought it.

    Scheduled maintenance is important for helping to keep repair costs low, but sometimes you may get into an accident or need a replacement part to get your vehicle back on the road. We understand that these repairs aren't inexpensive and see why people often look for aftermarket options instead.

    While you will save on initial costs, it's easy to…

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    BMW Gallery of Norwell will soon be South Shore BMW!

    It's been almost a year and at BMW Gallery of Norwell, located in Norwell, MA,  we're extremely excited to announce that it'll only be a few more days until South Shore BMW opens!

    We've always believed in the Art of Better Car Buying and that includes making sure our customers get to arrive at a state of the art facility. Our current location is great, but our new one, just down the road, will be even better.

    Here is a peek inside the new showroom as town officials and executives mix and mingle; we're truly…

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    Take Advantage of the BMW Winter Tire Special this October

    Long-time New England drivers can likely skip this blog post, but for any new BMW drivers who've just arrived in the North you'll want to learn about this sale special that aims to keep you, your vehicle, and others on the road safe.


    Winter will be here sooner than you think, and driving in the snow has its own challenges. Once you get acclimated it isn't all bad, but what will help…

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    Attempt a Puddle Splash in the 2015 BMW M3

    When you're little being able to splash in the puddles without getting a disapproving look from the parents was quite a treat. During college you likely even played outside during some heavy rain storms in hopes of having a nostalgic moment.

    That feeling doesn't change when you get older, but you do find different ways to get the water flying.

    Well, wait a minute. We guess the re-engineered 2015 BMW M3 is quite light, so maybe you won't be making any splashes when you go through puddles!

    You may miss out on that bit of excitement, but…

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    BMW Delivers Luxurious Diesel Models to Buyers

    When you think of diesel vehicles you probably imagine rumbling cars spewing out smelly fumes. Well, that may have been true during the automotive yesteryear days, but diesel engines have come a long way due to better technology and mandates and at BMW Gallery of Norwell we love showing off our BMW Diesel inventory to interested shoppers.

    There are a lot of advantages to going diesel and a top one is fuel costs. Luxury models don't run on "Regular" fuel and need at the very least Premium to run smoothly. Diesel does cost a little more than Premium, however…

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    A Certified Pre-Owned BMW Model is still Luxurious

    At BMW of Norwell we have a great selection of new BMW models that are filled with luxurious appointments and have powerful engines that make them fun to drive. Buying a BMW is certainly a financial commitment, but if you're looking to save a little while also driving away with a luxury model come visit our showroom to view our Certified Pre-Owned BMW selection.

    BMW models that are CPO have been thoroughly looked over and scrutinized. To earn the title they also have to be from recent model years and need to have low mileage. This allows them to…

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    BMW Invites you to Share your Story on Social Media

    There are millions of BMW drivers: that is a fact. There are even many just in say, Newton, MA, for example. But, that doesn't mean that each and every one isn't special in his or her own way.

    This is the concept of a new social media campaign launched by the automaker which is depicted perfectly, in this video:

    As you can see, the overall concept is that BMW wants to hear from…

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    New BMW X4 Premieres on YouTube

    One of the great things about BMW's cyber presence is its official YouTube channel. We at BMW Gallery of Norwell love to venture over that way whenever we're looking for new model updates and fun-to-watch videos.

    One of the latest we've come across is this video about the all-new BMW X4 which the automaker points out is actually a sneak peek, premiere.

    Here, have a look:

    Overall, BMW strives to adapt to…

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